Germany’s first staffless hotel boasts 90% occupancy rate


Germany’s first staffless hotel has proved that there is a place in the market for a more impersonal offering, by operating at a 90% occupancy rate.

Hotel Buddy, the brainchild of Johannes Eckelmann who founded Cocoon Hotels, is a 73-bedroom property in Munich.

The retro-inspired budget hotel is built on a cloud-based technology, enabling it to operate without staff members at all.

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Booking, checking in, managing parking and even escorting guests to rooms is down via Hetras cloud-based technology.

Upon check in, guests receive an email directing them to the check-in floor, where they sign in on a tablet. A keycard is then provided to them through a machine and they are directed to the elevator.

The keycard is inserted into the elevator and it automatically takes them to their correct floor.

The hotel offers room nights for a very low price, given the technology has eliminated all staffing costs, meaning overall costs are kept to a minimum.

Hotel Buddy’s Hetras hotel management technology has already been such a success that Eckelmann is now transitioning his other Cocoon Hotels to the service, though he is maintaining staff at those properties.

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