Guests and operators at odds over social media survey shows


Consumers and hospitality outlets are at odds when it comes to the importance of interacting on social media and how smartphones can improve service quality, according to research from hospitality technology provider Omnico Group.

When asked about how they plan to use smartphones in hospitality outlets, only 13% of consumers say they would use it for social media interactions.

Consumers ranked speed up ordering (31%), speed up payment (30%) and receive special offers/vouchers (35%) as the top uses for their smartphones.

Conversely, business leaders have different priorities for mobile technology deployment, with the top areas being social media interaction outside the experience (87%), engagement during the experience (78%) and real-time customer feedback (78%). Speeding up service delivery and payment were their least prioritised uses of mobile technology.

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Consumer and hospitality leaders are in agreement on one aspect of the future of mobile however, in its use for booking a table in advance. Business leaders cited booking & reservations as the most important future use of mobile (73%) while consumers ranked it the second most important use of their mobile in future (33%), with special offers coming out top.

“While social media is an important channel for dealing with customer service issues, it seems that it’s not something where hospitality businesses can join the conversation at the table,” comments Matthew Cox, Hospitality Division, Omnico Group.

“Consumers are more concerned with how technology can improve their actual experience and getting great deals, while business leaders were ranking these bottom of their priorities for investment.

“While priorities differ, it’s clear that smartphones have an important role to play in delivering loyalty schemes and speeding up payment at the point of sale.”

These results follow two surveys of over 5,000 UK consumers and 173 business leaders, conducted by Peach.

The results come as part of an investigation into attitudes to smartphone use in the UK, amongst the UK’s hospitality business leaders and consumers

Omnico supplies queue-busting mobile point of sale (PoS) technology with leading hospitality chains, including YO! Sushi. By supplying YO! Sushi with mobile PoS, Omnico helped to increase order efficiency and tracking as well as streamlining the payment process by 30 seconds per customer, explains Cox.

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