Ham Yard Hotel kick starts summer with new Live-Well series to target fitness fanatics


Firmdale’s Ham Yard Hotel is to introduce its first Live-Well series this summer, which will see experts from the fields of fitness, health and wellbeing come together for a range of special events.

The series, introduced for the first time this year, will provide spa offerings, special health-focused menu from the Mindful chef, and a variety events from pop-up exercise and yoga classes to mindfulness sessions and panel discussions.

As a result, Ham Yard will be opening private areas for bespoke experiences, such as the rooftop kitchen garden and the croc bowling alley.

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The Live-Well Series will run evenings and weekends from July 8 until September 11 2017.

Equinox will offer a yoga brunch class on the fourth floor roof terrace every other Saturday, as well as a one off exclusive 75 minute combined yoga and meditation session in Soholistic spa.

Third Space will bring a series of Saturday specialist Barre Class and recovery brunches. They will also be bringing their new body conditioning class The Method to the dancefloor in The Croc bowling alley.

Lululemon  and BreatheSync will be guiding a mindfulness session on the roof terrace, teaching how to calm the mind, find focus and get stuff done through simple breathing exercises drawing on elements from yoga and meditation.

Great Traits the latest book from Tobias Harwood, investigates the behaviour and beliefs behind phenomenal feats and those who achieve them. He welcomes on stage Guy Disney, the first amputee jockey to win a horse race at a professional race-course in Britain and the first amputee to have walked the North and South Poles, to discuss the mind set and accomplishments that gets them there.

Welltodo is on a mission to help those who are interested in building an incredible career in the wellness industry, and will host an interactive workshop session and industry Q&A.

Hypnotherapist and anxiety expert Chloe Brotheridge will be hosting The Anxiety Detox – A Group Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, while BOXX Method’s signature workout, BoxxHIIT will run in The Croc bowling alley.

Health and fitness specialist Harry Jameson breaks down the 8 pillars of wellness – hydration, digestion, sleep, recovery, fitness, body composition, cognitive ability and mood state –  in an interactive panel discussion with expert guest speakers .

As part of their ongoing mission to help people make positive change in their lives, PRESS will be hosting their first health and wellness conference, “Motivate +” in September.

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