‘Heartbroken’ hoteliers react to tier restrictions


Hoteliers across the country have spoken out at their disappointment after being placed into tiers 2 and 3 after yesterday’s government announcement.

Hotels in 40 areas across the country will have to remain closed when England’s lockdown ends on December 2, after it was revealed they will be in the strictest tier by the government.

Areas in tier 3 include Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Manchester, Leicester, Lincolnshire, Slough and Kent.

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The new rules means hospitality businesses in tier 3 will be forced to stay close after December 2 and able to offer takeaway or delivery only.

Speaking to Boutique Hotelier, Jason Adams, managing director at Rockliffe Hall, situated in Darlington that will be going into tier 3, says: “Yesterday was a sad day at Rockliffe Hall. We are extremely disappointed to hear that Darlington and much of the North East has been placed in Tier 3 following the government updates yesterday but of course support whatever it takes to keep the country safe.

“We hope to open in time for the “Christmas bubble” where individual households can celebrate together and whilst extremely frustrating to be closed in the time before then, we have to support what’s necessary in helping beat COVID-19 and keep everyone safe.

“My fantastic team at Rockliffe Hall is my biggest asset and during this time we need to make sure they are looked after so they can offer the world class hospitality when we return.”

Hoteliers in Bristol said they were ‘heartbroken’ at the news that the city is being placed in tier 3 next week.

The Bristol Hotels Association (BHA), which represents around 40 businesses in and around the city, say this decision could have a catastrophic impact on their businesses.

Raphael Herzog, chair of the BHA, said: “Many Bristol hotels have been operating at a loss since April, yet many of the have invested thousands of pounds in making our premises safe for staff and guests, yet we were one of the first sectors to be shut down.

“Due to all the investment and safe practices we have introduced, it is safer to visit a hotel than go to a large grocery store.”

Occupancy levels for October 2020 in BHA hotels was around 45% – compared to 85% in October 2019. In September 2020, the rate was 60% compared to 87% in 2019. In July 2020, the rate was just 31%, compared to 88% in 2019.

Speaking to bdaily, Stuart Procter, CEO at The Stafford Collection, comprising Northcore in Ribble Valley soon to be in tier 3, and The Stafford London, soon to be tier 2, commented: “Northcote located in the Ribble Valley has been told they cannot open which goes beyond frustrating.

“We’ve invested tens of thousands of pounds in PPE, thermo-cameras and generally making the venue Covid safe.

“Why are you able to get your hair cut in that same area but not visit arguable some of the safest spaces? It’s frustrating.”

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