Hospitality customers were Covid-safe before the curfew restrictions, new data shows


Customers went out safely before the curfew restrictions were imposed on the sector, a new review of over 2 million hospitality interactions has revealed.

Edinburgh-based hospitality software start-up Stampede uncovered some of the biggest issues faced by the industry in 2020, including the success and limitations of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme and the effect of the curfew on venues.

The research found that during The Eat Out To Help Out scheme 48.1% of UK restaurant visits were on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Wednesday became the most popular day of the week for restaurants, overtaking both Friday and Saturday. 

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The UK population moved away from late night drinking and dining long before the curfew was introduced, with pubs, bars and restaurants all experiencing earlier spikes in traffic in July and August vs 2019.

Venues were far more dependent on regular / returning customers post-lockdown vs bringing in new customers, the data showed.

Stampede also found that England did not ‘go overboard’ when pubs reopened on July 4.

Dubbed “Independence Day”, pubs had a similar number of customers during that weekend compared to most in July, and only a fraction of the numbers recorded in August, September and October.  

“The data is clear, the UK hospitality sector cannot be turned off and on like a tap,” said Stampede CEO and founder, Patrick Clover.

“The Government may have chopped and changed its stance on hospitality restrictions, but human behaviour takes far longer to adjust, and the impact of lockdown is felt long after venues reopen. This is far from being a doom and gloom report, however. It explains how the UK’s wonderful hospitality venues reacted to lockdown and how real customers behaved in such strange times. It’s our view that they have acted far more responsibly than they have been given credit for.”

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