Hotel Café Royal injects £5m into lobby facelift

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Guests arriving at London’s Hotel Café Royal will be met with an ‘outstanding and glamorous’ reception following the completion of a lobby facelift.

The Soho-based hotel has unveiled its new lobby, which was designed and overseen by the world-renowned architect and interior designer Piero Lissoni and created with a total investment of almost £5m.

The large new lobby was designed to deliver an outstanding and glamorous entrance to the hotel and takes its inspiration from the lobbies of the world’s Palace hotels.

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The new reception space at Hotel Café Royal is double height and one of the largest in London. With the new restaurant above, also designed by Lissoni, this new grand space fully completes the offering at the hotel, now open for five years.

Lissoni said: “I wanted to respect and convey the true ‘feeling’ of London by combining the contemporary life and taste of the city’s inhabitants with its inheritant elegance and tradition.

“On working with The Set hotels in the collaborative efforts to create and complete the project he stated: “on this project the word ‘impossible’ was forbidden to use.”

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