Biggest hotspot for hotel room germs is not what you think it is

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Irregular cleaning has caused hairdryers to become the most germ-prone items in a hotel bedroom, it has been claimed. 

Hairdryers, which have been found to have more bacteria than toilet seats, are reportedly neglected in favour of bedspreads, toilets and baths during routine cleaning.

Other objects which are frequently touched, but may not be as obviously “dirty”, are kettles and the light switches and the highest offender besides hairdryers is the hotel menu.

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Microbiologist Chuck Gerba, who was in charge of the experiment, swabbed nine different hotel room items of varying price ranges.

He said: “There must be some things you can do with a hair dryer that I am not aware of because some of them were pretty germy. “The biggest concern in a hotel room is picking up cold, flu virus or viruses that cause diarrhoea. It doesn’t take very many to make you ill.”

Gerba tested the toilets, sinks, drinking glasses and irons among others items in the rooms. Out of the nine rooms tested, six of them had sinks with germ levels that

Among the items tested were toilets, sinks, drinking glasses and irons. Six of the nine bathroom sinks tested had germ levels considered excessive.

The room-service menu was another area found to host hidden germs.

The investigation was carried out by ABC News on a series of unnamed US hotels.

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