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Staying on top of the latest hotel technology trends is essential when it comes to running a successful hotel. Below, we have rounded up the best software that is available to hoteliers on the market right now.


The ability to be proactively innovative in the market is what sets RMS Cloud apart. Let’s take the contactless journey as an example. RMS Cloud already had this functionality in place pre-pandemic and before online check in became a ‘must have’, and in turn went further to innovate the contactless guest journey, continuing to do so regularly following feedback on what its hotel partners want to achieve.

The RMS Guest Portal is built to encourage guests to use tech to manage their stay on their smartphone. Functionality includes the ability to take deposit payments as well as balance payments, alongside the capability for guests to manage past, present and future reservations all in one place. It also provides access to guest invoices on their phone, sending and signing contracts for group bookings and for guests being able to set preferences for their stay.
Chat functionality allows your guests to talk to you about their reservation before, during and after their stay and has a direct two-way feed into the PMS, meaning staff do not have to log into separate platforms to communicate with their guests.

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As we enter the most business-critical Christmas ever, Ordamo, a leading digital order and pay technology provider, offers solutions to ease the impact of the sizeable challenges currently facing the industry.

Over a third (39%) of hospitality professionals are optimistic and excited for what’s set to be the busiest business period for the sector for almost two years, according to a survey of 395 hospitality professionals carried out in October 2021. However, almost a quarter (23%) are worried about what the season holds, with one in every 33 (3%) losing sleep.

Ordamo, a champion of technology as facilitator of more efficient customer service, is passionate about continuing to support hoteliers and helping to maximise the opportunity that the festive season holds.

Ordamo provides hospitality technology which tackles real business issues, from improving customer service and increasing efficiency to simply boosting revenue. Operators can make more profit, improve reputation and receive beneficial insights from their clientele, allowing them to provide customer-centric experiences.

With incredibly competitive low pricing with no upfront fees, hoteliers can tackle the festive season headfirst.

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The ever-shifting landscape of changing guest demands and advances in technology can be challenging for hoteliers to navigate. From the PMS, digital check-in and check-out, payments and cashflow, to managing rates and distribution effectively and keeping in touch with guests to build that all-important guest loyalty and drive future bookings, there is a lot to manage.

The leading hospitality technology company Guestline offers one platform for hoteliers to achieve all this and more, ensuring they are able to maximise operational efficiency, revenue and guest satisfaction at every step of the guest journey – from browsing and booking, to arrival and departure.

Providing one login, one user experience and one central database, hoteliers are able to access and utilise Guestline’s complete suite of cloud solutions which includes the following modules:

• Guestline PMS (Rezlynx) – the core of the hotel tech stack streamlining all departments, driving productivity in real time with live updates
• Channel Manager – distributing and managing rates and inventory
• Direct Booking Manager – driving conversion rates and direct bookings
• Guest management – online registration tool GuestStay and payment solution GuestPay offering guests the freedom and flexibility to check in and out and pay online
• Insights – up to the minute operational reporting, tracking performance and enabling hoteliers to understand how best to maximise occupancy and revenues
Guestline also works with a host of partners to enhance its technology eco-system.

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Premier Software

Spas and hotels looking to increase the sale of experience days to both existing and potential clients need look no further than the smart new integration between Core by Premier Software (Core) and Smartbox. Delivering spa day experiences to a subscribed database of 3.2 million with an open rate of over 20%, and promotion of packages across social media and instore retail, savvy spas are utilising Core to help increase revenue with minimal additional input.

Smartbox is Europe’s leading experiential gift provider which easily integrates with Core to increase a spa’s visibility by featuring packages across its two gift voucher platforms – Red Letter Days and Buyagift. The new integration will enable spas to have complete control of the experiences they want to promote and set-up is simple.

A spa can share live availability with Smartbox through Core’s appointment diary. Once the voucher is ready to be redeemed, Smartbox will pass all the details through to Core for the booking to be completed by the spa team.

The integration between Core and Smartbox has been designed to make the sale of spa days easy and help boost sales while also offering partners the opportunity to upsell by adding on extra people and more treatments.

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Three top hotel technology trends for 2022

Learn how you can accelerate your business and keep ahead of the competition with these top tech trends brought to you by the tech insights team at Trybe, the next generation of spa and leisure software.

  1. Rapid growth and adoption of fully cloud-based spa software

Just as Office 365 reformed and eased office mobility and budgets, cloud based spa software is revolutionising the lives of many hotel spa operators. The advantages include automatic updates, enhanced security, seamless integration with your other APIs plus the ability to access your data 24/7 from wherever you may be, simply with an internet connection.

  1. 24/7 online spa bookings

With 42% of spa bookings made outside the traditional 9 to 5 and online bookings growing exponentially, spas in 2022 will be pushing all aspects of their spa reservations through their website without their team having to lift a finger. Advanced online booking engines make the booking process easier for the customer and enable spa operators to implement without any additional staffing costs.

  1. Enhanced cybersecurity
    With the growth of digital, cybersecurity has become of paramount importance to the modern hotel business. The next generation of software providers are at the forefront when it comes to keeping your data safe. Always choose one like Trybe that has been certified by a UKAS accredited body. This ensures that your business is protected at every level from any threats to your sensitive data stored within your software provider.

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Lightspeed is an advanced, one-stop commerce platform empowering hoteliers to simplify, scale and ignite their potential. It provides users with a consolidated view of all their revenue centres from one system and integrates with other software to create a tech solution greater than the sum of its parts.

Take Boundary London – a boutique hotel nestled among the side streets of Shoreditch. For years, it was held back by a POS that was ill-suited to their modern needs. Most importantly, the system was unable to communicate with their PMS. Staff had to manually reconcile guest data from one system to the other.

That all changed after adopting MEWS, a more versatile, cloud-based PMS. It soon realised it also needed a cloud-based restaurant commerce platform that could integrate data from their three revenue centres with their upgraded PMS.

That’s when it started using Lightspeed. Coupled with their new PMS, it now has full control and visibility over its entire property’s operations. What was once an inefficient process—where staff would take receipts from the restaurant or bar and run it through to reception—soon became automated, saving it time and helping them drive more revenue.

All three of its restaurants are connected to MEWS via Lightspeed. So whether a guest dines on its roof terrace, or at its cafe or restaurant, it can charge their orders directly to their room.

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Exceed guest expectations by introducing your very own website and mobile app, powered by hungrrr. With room service and table ordering solutions, guest assistance and booking systems, hotels can improve overall guest experience while driving sales and revenue.

With Virtual room service, you can manage room service orders, set the hours of service and item availability (e.g. breakfast menu) which suit you and manage order requests simultaneously. Guests can place orders and request bills, reducing pressure on waiting staff during busy periods.

The technology can support leisure and merchandise activities by allowing guests to manage spa bookings and outdoor excursions, and showcase retail products which can be delivered directly to room. Guests can use it to request support directly to replace toiletries or obtain WiFi passwords, for example. From a function perspective, hotels can offer pre-ordering for events as well as table ordering, reducing lengthy queues and allowing guests to browse for longer, potentially increasing average spend.

In addition to its feature-rich technology, Snappy Shopper has an experienced hotels team with extensive knowledge of the hotel service offering and tailoring a tech solution. And as part of a special offer, the next 100 customers to sign up will receive the service free, forever – no set-up fee, no monthly fee and no commission. All you’ll have to cover is hardware at cost and your merchant fees.

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With reduced occupancy rates and staff shortages, the pressure is on for hoteliers to either cut costs or increase margins. You can easily boost the return of your hotel services in 2022 by outsourcing non-core activities. Wundermart’s hotel retail platform takes all the hassle out of your F&B offering. Its hotel convenience shops are built to run autonomously, so you can put precious resource to work where it matters most.

Wundermart has built its hotel shop experience with your guests in mind. Assortments are based on data collected in hotel shops in the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. It knows what your guests need and offers it to them when they want it. Payment, ordering and deliveries are automated and can be tracked in real-time, online, from any location. Getting an unmanned shop in your hotel takes less than eight weeks. That means that you’ll be turning unused m2 into 30% bottom line profit in no time.

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Room Raccoon

Independent hotels rely on technology to drive greater revenue and outstanding guest experiences. And that’s why there is a buffet of tools, applications and software solutions on the market that promise to take care of a single functionality at your property. But often, hotels can end up with a poorly integrated and expensive tech stack from multiple suppliers.

Instead, independent hotels and small accommodation properties can feel at ease running their operations on auto-pilot and drive serious, uninterrupted results with all-in-one Hotel Management Software (HMS). This type of software comes complete with proven tools, components and systems that seamlessly work together.

What essential tools do you have to look for when you shop for all-in-one solutions? A Property Management System (PMS) is just one piece of the puzzle. Nowadays, powerful HMS has advanced to the point that they come with booking engines and channel managers included, while other important revenue-generating tools are fully integrated including dynamic pricing tools, revenue and yield management, upsell functionality, and automated invoicing and contactless check-in.

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