‘Hound pound’ proves lucrative as 47% of dog owners would cancel plans if pet can’t come

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Hospitality businesses could be losing out on the ‘hound pound’ as millions of dog owners admit cancelling plans or taking business elsewhere if their pet can’t come too.

New research shows half of owners will stay longer and spend more whilst out if accompanied by their dog, with 47% of owners admitting they will cancel plans if their pampered pooch can’t come along too.

According to the research by The Kennel Club as part of its Open for Dogs campaign, nearly one in four (23 per cent) owners said that they would now put dog-friendly credentials at the top of their list when choosing a place to socialise.

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Almost a fifth (19 per cent) admitted they have been willing but unable to spend money in places like shops, pubs and restaurant because they couldn’t take their dog in with them, and have taken their custom elsewhere as a result.

More than two in five (44 per cent) owners would only go to dog-friendly pubs, cafes and restaurant so they don’t need to leave their dog alone, whilst more than half (55 per cent) would stay longer when out socialising if their dog was with them, with 53 per cent agreeing they would happily spend more in establishments if it meant their dog wasn’t left behind.

Almost a third (32 per cent) of owners would be more likely to go on a holiday or on day trips in the UK if they knew places would be dog friendly.

Bill Lambert, The Kennel Club spokesperson commented: “Our research clearly shows that welcoming our four-legged friends can help to bring a much-needed economic boost to businesses that might be struggling post-lockdown, following a year of pandemic restrictions. At the same time, it gives establishments and businesses an opportunity to play a role in combating a possible welfare crisis faced by the pandemic puppy generation, helping owners to introduce or re-introduce their pet to ‘normal’ without leaving them behind.”

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  1. Re dogs what about the people who dont like dogs and dont want to be in a hotel with them leaving their deposits all over the reception floor, barking at night, scratching the furniture.I think dogs should be banned from all hotels.

  2. I think my Dog David should be allowed in the hotels he is a big part of our family and he is like one of my children. As for the barking children babies crying and toddlers tantrums are as noisy. I know I’ve had eight children. As for leaving deposits we’ll if they are proper owners they pick up after them or segregate a section for dogs to exercise

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