How hotels have started adding CBD to their spa treatments

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It’s well-known that CBD comes with both anti-inflammatory properties and the benefit of calming effects. As such, it goes without saying that this substance finds its way into more and more industries and niches every month. Recently, it was the hotel industry’s turn to implement cannabidiol into their services.

To be more specific, you can now enjoy spa treatments with products from renowned brands such as in the comfort of a hotel, during your trip. Here’s how they’ve incorporated CBD!


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One of the most common ways to get CBD into your system is by ingesting it. As such, edibles are the main way to take full advantage of the substance’s benefits. However, it is quite unlikely that you’ll find them readily available in the spa.

Instead, you have more chance of running into such products by visiting the minibars of the hotel. Naturally, the minibar is just one stop away from a spa treatment.

Balms and Topical Oils

As you might know, CBD is most commonly used as an oil. By now, it has already been implemented in balms and lotions that can be used during a spa treatment. How does CBD work when applied to the skin?

Well, first of all, it warms the area, preparing it for what’s about to come. Then, thanks to its main attributes, it reduces muscle pain and loosens the joints. In short, a massage with a CBD topical oil can be heavenly, to say the least.

Tinctures, Shrubs, and Bitters

Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning the increasing inclusion of CBD in various drinks. Naturally, these are drinks that can be enjoyed during a spa treatment, thus increasing your relaxation level.

For example, a vodka cocktail can be paired with CBD-infused turmeric, as well as with pepper oil for an explosive taste.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to the accessibility of spa treatments and massages, and the newfound inclusivity within these niches, it can be very easy to implement substances such as CBD into their routines. The only issue now is finding a hotel that does add CBD to their spa treatments!

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