How to convert your hotel into a hospital with Opera


Hoteliers are being summoned to duty or volunteering to convert their properties into makeshift hotel hospitals to help those people with mild coronavirus symptoms while protecting communities from increased exposure.

If this is the route your property is going, Oracle Hospitality is offering advice and pro bono consulting services on how to make this process as seamless as possible.

To start, below is an actionable guide on how to take advantage of the functionality in your OPERA software to tackle medical tasks:

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Environment and Access

  • If using an on-premise solution, make a copy of your current OPERA schema and run a reset data. That will provide a clean copy of your configuration and eliminate concerns about mixing statistics and canceling hotel bookings or creating outside users on your live system. If operating on a cloud platform, use your non-production environment.
  • If your OPERA is self-hosted and there is a need to access OPERA from outside the hotel, find a secure alternative to connect from home.

Availability and Inventory

  • To track bed inventory, use Component Room functionality. Each component room is an actual room; the room types inside it are the beds.
  • Consider using Room Plan for these operations. It will provide a graphical view of your room rack that may come in handy; the Room Plan can handle Component Room functionality, in case you require to block individual beds.
  • Item Inventory also can be used to track availability of any assets.
  • Consider leaving just one rate – zero amount – available to simplify check ins.

Daily Operations

  • Use the Accompanying functionality to “attach” additional people to a room (for example, an attending physician). The Name field on reservation search can be used to find primary and accompanying guests.
  • Use Shares if you need to track multiple occupants per room. This feature enables managing separate details for each occupant.
  • Use Traces to set up patient-related tasks and monitor resolution.
  • Use Profile Preferences and Room Features to confirm correct assignment of room/bed base, especially to address special needs.
  • Remember to run night audit/end of day to move the date forward.


  • Use Simple Reports for v5 or Export Files for OPERA Cloud if there is a need for special reporting. Out-of-the-box OPERA reports also can be tapped for this purpose.

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