How to set up the perfect casino in hotels


What makes the perfect casino hotel?

  1. Décor
  2. The right equipment
  3. Celebration packages

For many guests, the hotel is more than just a location to sleep for the night. Their accommodation is one of the most important features of their trip, it provides somewhere to eat, rest, relax and socialise.

The very best hotels also offer excellent forms of entertainment, they conveniently provide exciting activities and remove the need for guests to venture out further into the local area looking for something fun to do. Spas and fitness centres make great features for daytime use, while shows, musical performances and a well-stocked bar all help to create a great evening destination.

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One of the most sought-after features in a hotel is a casino. A gaming floor with a selection of poker tables can attract high-class clientele, raising the overall standard of the hotel. Guests with their hearts set on playing poker are likely to have plenty of money to spend – which is, of course, good news for the hotel.

If looking to incorporate a casino into a hotel, there are a number of considerations that should be made. If done well, a casino has the potential to significantly boost visitor numbers, as well as drive up revenue for other areas of the venue, such as food sales in the restaurant and drink sales at an adjoining bar area.

  1. The right decor is essential for creating a casino’s atmosphere

Casinos are often associated with wealth, luxury and opulence. Therefore low budget decor and accessories should be avoided on the casino floor.

One example of a casino hotel that has the right idea is the world famous Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. The building itself as well as its interior design follow an Ancient Rome theme. Classical architecture is paired with elaborate mosaics and huge sturdy columns. The Palace is immediately associated with luxury and refinery. Not only does this attract customers, but the vibe it gives off helps them to get into the mindset of gambling and frivolous spending.

Colour themes can also play an important role in creating the right atmosphere. Red can signify wealth, power and ambition, whereas purple represents extravagance and grandeur. Alternatively, black can help to make the room feel more exclusive.

Chandeliers are a popular feature in many casino hotels. At the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, a magnificent 32 foot chandelier hangs over its staircase. Iconic accessories like these have a huge impact on a casino’s appearance and atmosphere.

  • Having the right equipment is key

There is little point building an aesthetically pleasing casino floor, if it does not have the functionality that guests require.

While the number of machines and tables you offer will depend on budget requirements as well as physical space, you need to ensure there are enough game stations to meet demand. For example, the Z Hotel in Bath, United Kingdom, is not a huge venue and has a 149 room capacity. However, with careful planning they have managed to accommodate 18 table games, 35 slot machines and 24 automated live gaming terminals. This means that there are games to suit all tastes.

Having to wait to play takes away some of the thrill and excitement of the casino experience, no one wants to queue for their turn on a slot machine.

Keeping machines well maintained and in good working order is also important in ensuring a smooth experience for guests. Technical errors can be very disruptive to gameplay and are likely to find their way into online reviews of the hotel. In order to compete with other casinos and entertainment venues in the area, gaming machines should be replaced once they become outdated. While table games tend not to need such regular updates, slot machines regularly improve in terms of graphics, speed and features. Unless retro is the theme you are going for, don’t hold on to the same gaming equipment for decades.

  • Offer packages for celebrations

There are a whole host of add-on services that a hotel can offer alongside its casino. Why not put together special packages for birthdays, weddings, corporate functions and other celebrations. These are your opportunities to drive up profit margins and offer all-round great experiences for guests.

These packages may involve combining different offerings from different areas of your venue. For example, casino entry alongside a cocktail masterclass in the bar area. One casino in Birmingham, UK, offers a party package that includes everything from welcome drinks, casino game tuition, a three-course meal and a gaming voucher.

There are many things to think about when setting up the perfect casino, with everything from interior design to event management coming into consideration. To help plan your ideal venue, do research and take inspiration from casinos that are already a proven success. It is also helpful to look around your local area, find out what is already on offer and how you can make yourself stand out from the crowd.

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