‘Impatient’ Brits put off hospitality return for fear of crowded queues and waiting times

60% of Brits have agreed that their biggest concern regarding a return to indoor hospitality is having to be in a crowded queue for the bar, new research has found.

New data from hospitality app provider Ubamarket LTD found that customers are still reticent to fully ingratiate themselves back into a hospitality setting if they have to wait a while to be served.

Plus despite the advancements in technology over the past 12 months adopted by the majority of sector businesses, 44% of Brits agreed that they have found it frustrating that apps and QR codes at venues do not show the full menu advertised, while a further 32% said that ordering from QR codes was too unreliable.

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17% of Brits found that whilst dining, they were put off ordering particular meals because the digital menu did not state all the ingredients in the dish.

The research also found that 43% of Brits said that when headed back to indoor dining, they do not want to wait more than five minutes for their server to take their order

Will Broome, founder of Ubamarket LTD and NOMM, said: “Venues and technology providers have responded quickly by pivoting and creating an array of apps. However, as pinpointed in our research, there have undoubtedly been some frustrations that have surfaced. Now that indoor hospitality has reopened, our research has shown that of course, there will be a sense of trepidation as we return back to normality, but through NOMM, we are providing applications that will bring reassurances and comfort to customers and retailers alike.”

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