Indie hotels show allegiance to ‘yes’ to Brexit


A new survey has revealed that the majority of B&B and independent hotel owners will vote in favour of Brexit come June 23 when Britain votes to stay or leave the EU.

According to a poll by eviivo, just under half (49.9%) of the 1,050 owners of B&Bs and small hotels questioned said they were strongly in favour of breaking away from the EU; 37% believe we should absolutely stay; 12% were undecided and 1% didn’t care either way.

Of those who plan to vote in favour of Brexit, 33% believe leaving the EU will make the UK stronger economically. Interestingly, on the other side, 41% were of the opinion that the UK will be in a better shape economically should we actually stay.

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In contrast, the ‘stay’ voters expressed the wish to instead reform the EU from within (31%), whilst nearly one in five (18%) confessed to fearing the period of uncertainty that would follow leaving the EU as it will have a direct negative impact on their bottom line.

Michele Fitzpatrick, eviivo’s CEO, commented: “The fact that both camps cited a strengthened UK economy as their number one reason to explain their voting intentions clearly highlights one thing – that there still is a great deal of confusion around the referendum and that what it will eventually mean for UK businesses remains unclear.

Fitzpatrick said: “Overall, this desire to leave Europe is unexpected, especially when considering that we’re talking about an industry that has seen 81% of its visitors and 64% of its revenue for 2014 come from EU countries.”

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