INSIGHT: Malmaison Newcastle turns to new kitchen innovation to tackle grease management


Filta Group’s revolutionary new GreaseMaster Cyclone, a ground-breaking new approach to grease recovery units, is supporting kitchen staff at Malmaison in Newcastle with simple, more effective grease management, as BH learns…

Housed in a converted river-front warehouse, just metres from the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Malmaison Newcastle is one of 15 boutique hotels in the group’s UK portfolio.

In an effort to reduce maintenance and minimise callouts, three GreaseMaster Cyclone units from Filta Group were installed in the main kitchen, alongside a coffee catcher which is used on a sink in the still room.

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The GreaseMaster Cyclone delivers previously unimagined levels of fat, oil and grease (FOG) retention whilst using less energy than traditional GRUs and ensuring a better kitchen environment too.

It claims to offer the lowest energy consumption of any GRU and has a sealed outlet with no need for staff to remove covers, ensuring no odours for a better working environment, reduced cleaning time and better hygiene.

It was a significant upgrade on the single grease trap which was previously in place – and one which is already making a difference through improved performance, no odours and easier operation.

Chris Cassidy, property manager at Malmaison Newcastle, explained: “Before the upgrade we just had the one grease trap, which came off the pot washer. We would regularly have to call someone out because it was blocked, they would need to take the top off, give it a good clean out, and it was a laborious job because it was a sealed unit. Once it was off, everything had to be taken out and cleaned with a wet vac, which also led to odours in the kitchen.

“Now, it couldn’t be simpler. We can avoid clean-outs just by giving them a quick glance daily because we can see the grease through the window, and it’s incredibly easy to remove and clean the unit when we can see it’s needed. Most importantly, they’re doing the job they need to do – catching grease effectively, to prevent bigger issues further down the system.”

 Raising the bar

The system has been designed by grease trap engineers working directly in the field over a 15-year period.

It takes the very best features and industry-innovations and incorporates experience-led design improvements to create a robust, user-friendly and high-performance solution.

It is the world’s first Hydro Cyclonic enhanced GRU, with eight independent Hydro Cyclones, offering unique two-stage FOG separation and recovery.

This means it has the capacity to recover approximately 2,000 litres of quality oil every year, worth £400, with less 25 parts per million FOG at outlet.

It also offers the lowest energy consumption of any GRU, costing as little as three pence a day to run, which could save a typical kitchen thousands of pounds over the lifetime of the unit.

The sealed outlet has no need for staff to remove covers, kitchen staff can also be safe in the knowledge that they will benefit from a better working environment with no sewer gass smells, reduced cleaning time and better hygiene.

Addressing industry concerns

Edward Palin, commercial director at Filta Group, said: Research shows more than 70 percent of drain blockages and backups within a commercial kitchen are caused by the build-up of FOG generated from washing pots, pans and plates. The potential costs go beyond compliance, because drain blockages often need emergency call-outs with bills, not to mention the risk of further complications elsewhere in the water system.

“The installation of GreaseMaster Cyclone units at Malmaison Newcastle was one of the first in the UK, but this technology has already been proven worldwide.

“Engineers from across the global Filta business have been working for 15 years to develop a solution which combines excellent grease removal, low power costs and easy daily maintenance to overcome all the challenges traditionally faced with GRUs.

“Suitable for drainage systems, dishwashers/pot wash areas, rotisserie ovens and combi ovens, the GreaseMaster Cyclone de-waters and filters out food waste to reduce drain blockages and can save over £1,500 on power costs when compared with other units.

“At a time when regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, it provides a trusted, all-encompassing solution – all with the backing of a company which has been at the forefront of innovation in grease management for nearly 20 years.”

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