Iron Maiden star plays with idea of transforming Essex mansion into a boutique hotel for rock fans

Sheering Hall

Steve Harris, the bassist from Iron Maiden, could be the latest entrepreneur to enter the hospitality market, after revealing plans to turn his Essex mansion into a boutique hotel.

The star, who last toured with the band last month, told a Swedish radio station that he is considering transforming his 11-bedroom detached property, Sheering Hall into a hotel for Iron Maiden fans.

The nine-acre property has been on the market for the last five years, first going up for sale with a price of £6.75m, before it dropped to £3.95m.

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Harris stills owns the building, which dates back to 1066, despite having moved to the Bahamas in 2003 and after owning a small bar in Portugal, he now believes there is a place in the market for a Iron Maiden inspired boutique hotel.

Speaking to Sweden’s Bandit Rock radio show, he said: In an ideal world I’d like to turn it into a boutique hotel. I think Maiden fans would go there. I had a small bar in Portugal, called Eddie’s Bar, which is no longer open.

“It means I could stay there as well, which would be great. It would be nice.”

Sheering Hall is home to a full-size football pitch, the private House & Cart bar and a British telephone box.

It was also the location for the band’s recording of the 1992 album, Fear of the Dark.

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