K West Hotel encourages smokers to switch to e-cigarettes


K West Hotel & Spa has announced a partnership with e-cigarette brand VAPESTICK, which will see guests encouraged to switch from air-polluting fags to the clean alternative.

The first partnership of its kind in the UK will see VAPESTICK products sold behind the hotel’s K Lounge bar, and will encourage the devices to be in used in bedrooms, Kanteen restaurant, the award-winning K Spa and all other communal areas.

Vaping guests will also be able to select their preferred choice of VAPESTICK from a menu in the bedroom.

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The tie-up comes in response to customer feedback about the unavailability of smoking rooms, as well as rooms that have previously been used by illicit smokers.

Deep-cleaning services, costing up to £1,500 a time, are instructed at least once a week as a result of guests flouting no-smoking regulations.

The hotel hopes the provision of e-cigarettes will significantly reduce the £28,000 this currently costs annually.

Clara Saffer from K West Hotel & Spa explains: "We are always looking at our customer feedback and how we can best enhance guest experience. Since making all 220 of our bedrooms ‘no smoking’, along with the majority of the hospitality industry in 2007, we’ve seen a real divide in opinion on this. Non-smokers don’t want rooms that reek of smoke, and smokers want an easier way to satisfy their craving than a sock-over-the-smoke-alarm, or midnight trip outside.

"Having reviewed the UK e-cigarette market, we found that VAPESTICK products were the perfect fit for K West in terms of both quality and style. This partnership should not only enhance guest experience, but should also bring savings on room maintenance and help to enhance the stay for both our smoking and non-smoking guests," she adds.

Michael Clapper, co-founder and chairman at VAPESTICK says: "We’re delighted to be welcomed inside the K West Hotel & Spa, it’s a pioneering decision and one that should go down very well indeed with the ever-growing number of vapers around the world. Our products make life much easier for smoking guests, and also for the hotel itself. Vaping provides a viable solution to would-be secret smokers, who might otherwise cause extra cleaning expense or worse still, ruin the stay for non-smokers.

"Our e-cigarettes leave no lingering smell behind and produce none of the thousands of toxins found in tobacco smoke, so the guests of the K West can vape freely throughout their stay, without offending anyone."


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