Laurence Beere, owner, The Queensberry Bath


Almost ten years ago, The Queensberry in Bath was struggling to keep its head above water and feeling the impact that the recession had on the banks. Now one of the most progressive boutiques in the city with a turnover of £2.5m, owners Laurence and Helen Beere have transformed its fortunes and completely turned the business around.

The last 12 months have signalled a revival for the modest three-star Queensberry. A new hotel manager was brought on board, while over £600k spent on improving standards and rolling out upgrades across the property.

March last year, the bar, lounge and reception areas were upgraded, new garden furniture was brought in and a gardener taken on to spruce up the outdoor area in time for spring next year.

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This development shows no sign of slowing just yet either, with a further £200k pledged for the coming 12 months, as some of the bedrooms will be spruced up, working with Jane Clayton interiors.

“It’s the process of evolving and moving forward all the time, so we will never get complacent,” adds Beere.

“I’m looking forward to that period of being able to just enjoy owning, running and developing the business.”

Beere’s knowledge and vast experience in putting customer experience at the core of everything he does is impressive and his continued drive to make every guest of his hotel and restaurant an amazing, memorable one has seen his business and brand thrive, especially in the increasingly-competitive Bath hospitality market.

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