Manorview Group shares 10% of profits with team as part of employee retention drive


The Manorview Hotels & Leisure Group has created a new initiative to share 10% of its profits with staff as part of a focus on employee retention.

The HeartCount Fund is a new profit share scheme that sees 10% of its pre-tax profits from the eight-strong group shared amongst qualifying staff members.

The Manorview Group formed in 2007 and now boasts eight hotels, two pubs, two nightclubs, a luxury gym and fitness and leisure club. 

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The group has achieved a pre-tax profit of £554,440 for the year to 31 March 2019, which has led to a total of £55,344 to be paid out across qualifying team members.

To qualify for the HeartCount Fund an employee has to be in continuous employment for 12 months, with the HeartCount Fund distributed in proportion to qualifying employee’s earnings. 

A total of 281 Manorview team members qualified to receive a payment which equated to approximately 1.3% of their Gross earnings for the year to 31 March 2019.  

The average Gross pay-out (before deduction of Employee taxes) amounted to approximately £200 per employee.

The Group has a workforce of over 500, and not all employees qualify to be part of the HeartCount Fund.

To recognise the valuable contribution of all employees, the team members who didn’t qualify for a HeartCount Fund payment, received a Manorview gift voucher.

David Tracey, managing director, The Manorview Group said: “Within the industry and beyond, our goal is to be recognised as a great place to work, where people feel appreciated and want to stay. Initiatives such as the HeartCount Fund and our day of celebration are an integral part of our Manorview culture.”

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