Many boutique hotels not ready for upsurge in electric vehicle ownership


A new survey-report by AEL, a leading firm of electrical contractors forecasts a dramatic pick-up in the growth of electric vehicles (EV) in the UK and brings the widespread lack of EV charge points in hotel car parks into sharp focus.

A key driver of the forecast growth in EVs is that from April 2020 there will be zero employee tax on company vehicles that are fully electric, a saving worth as much as £13,000 per annum to the employee.

Allied to companies push to operate ‘greener’ and a raft of new EV model launches next year, AEL now forecast that by 2022 one in five of all boutique hotel customers could have an EV and will only stay at hotels that offer charge points.

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The report also looks at EV growth amongst private individuals, who are attracted to higher EV resale values and reductions in their carbon footprint.

The report author, Jon Maguire who is Head of New Business at AEL and former Development Director at Legal & General commented: “From our research we found that few boutique hotels have charge points and seem unaware that EV ownership amongst their customer base is set to soar. Many boutique hotels are destination venues and if overnight charging isn’t available, people will go elsewhere.”

Installation costs, revenue generation opportunities and financing are also covered in the report.

Maguire added: “Of course, any hotel that doesn’t offer EV charging will lose business and this will be a growing trend. It’s a real threat. But for those hotels who install ahead of the rest, they’ll win new customers and generate new revenue from the sale of electricity. The car park isn’t always upper most in a hotelier’s mind, but right now it really needs to be.”

The survey-report is available free of charge from the AEL web-site,

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