MARKET MARVELS: Rohaise Rose-Bristow, co-owner, The Torridon


Rohaise is responsible for the recruitment, retainment and training of all employees at The Torridon in Scotland, working hard to build the resort’s brand to attract staff alongside promoting training methods throughout the hospitality industry.

Investing and nurturing young talent has been at the core of Rohaise’s role at both The Torridon and in the wider industry, working to establish frameworks that provide meaningful results.

As chairperson for the Apprenticeships in Hospitality Scotland scheme, which won the 2018 Princess Royal Training Award, Rohaise inspires the next generation of ambassadors for the hospitality industry.

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To appeal to and retain talent at The Torridon, a comprehensive, tailored three-month induction and training programme for staff has been developed by Rohaise.

She continuously encourages staff to value the individual part they play in delivering a bespoke experience for guests and has developed a unique five-star service programme that all employees must complete, identifying what five-star service means at The Torridon and the expectations for delivery.

Rohaise has developed several initiatives to combat potential issues surrounding mental health. These include a staff intranet system and weekly staff activities with the Torridon Outdoors team to ensure they all feel part of a community in such a remote location, alongside ‘walk and talk’ sessions where employees can share concerns with her one-on-one while clearing their mind in the Highland air.

£500,000 was recently invested into onsite staff accommodation to further improve staff wellbeing and attract more potential employees and despite the challenge of location, staff turnover at The Torridon has been reduced to 33%, demonstrating the success of policies implemented to ensure the happiness of the staff.


The Torridon

Owned by: Dan and Rohaise Rose-Bristow

Location: Wester Ross, Scotland

Resort comprises: Hotel, inn, restaurant, boat house

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