Mobile habits ruining restaurant dinners


Brits are getting more and more frustrated with the use of mobile phones in restaurants, as new research found that 79% of UK diners find the habit rude and annoying.

The results come from a survey run by online restaurant booking service Bookatable, and highlighted behaviour such as taking calls, texting and posting photos to social media as unacceptable within a dining environment. Forty-six per cent admitted that they’re too scared to complain, while just 12% revealed they would make a formal complaint about fellow diners to the establishment.

Despite the popularity in the trend to take photos of food for the sake of social media, 40% of Brits questioned consider using a mobile phone at the dinner table poor etiquette.

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One in four diners admit that the use of a mobile phone interrupts the flow of conversation at the table, while for the 28% who regularly update their social media accounts when dining out, offending their fellow dinner guests doesn’t seem to be enough to stop their habit.

Interestingly, the research found that 20% of Brits would visit a restaurant more often if they banned mobile phones. However, 40% admitted they felt inspired after seeing pictures of what their family or friends were enjoying for dinner, with one in five discovering new restaurants and cuisines via social media platforms.

Joe Steele, CEO, Bookatable, commented: “Mobile phones are now crucial parts of our social and professional lives so it’s interesting to see a split between diners who are frustrated with the ‘always on’ approach to eating out and those who like to discover new places to eat and enjoy through their social media feeds.”

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