Mounting interest for travel to Europe from Chinese tourists, new data shows


New data has shown that Chinese tourists are starting to show glimmers of interest in travel to Europe, with searches for flights and hotels rising. research found that search volumes for European flights and hotels doubled when compared to pre-summer, growing by over 150% in July and rising to a peak of 320% higher in August.

In August alone, searches for European hotels rose by an average of 80% compared to the Jan.

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In the second quarter of 2021, the UK, France and Germany ranked among the top ten hotel destinations by global booking volume, and flight bookings made by UK, France and Germany users in June rose by over 200% in each market YOY.

Hotel bookings for the UK were up 173%.

“The global travel recovery is underway and we are strengthening our partnerships in local markets to ensure we are best positioned to support their business’s recovery and growth along with the return of domestic and international travel flows,” said Jane Sun, CEO of Group.

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