New tech tracks guests’ emotions to improve hotel experience

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New technology will allow hoteliers to track the emotions of their guests in order to improve guest experience.

EasyWay – a contactless guest journey platform for hotels – has taken hotel personalisation to the next level with the launch of a Guest Sentiment feature.

EasyWay Guest Sentiment tracks guests’ feelings and emotions by analysing words, phrases and emojis used within messages throughout the guest journey.

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The multilingual tool works across a variety of direct messaging channels, including but not limited to, SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Every message is assessed, providing hotel staff with a real-time snapshot of each guest’s mood, which can then be used to determine an appropriate response.

The system tracks guest sentiment throughout the guest journey, identifying when to change tact to avoid overwhelming or harassing guests with too many messages.

The guest journey platform can also identify potential brand ambassadors, connecting directly to their social media pages or TripAdvisor to encourage guests to share positive experiences.

The EasyWay platform also alerts staff to potentially delicate guests and serious complaints so they can be promptly addressed by the most appropriate staff member.

It can also detect opportunities to promote additional services and ancillary products to drive more revenue for the property.

Roy Friedman, CEO and co-founder of EasyWay, commented: “We have focused our development on enabling hotels to innovatively respond to guest sentiment automatically to prevent issues from snowballing before negative guest experiences affect the reputation of the hotel.

“Guest satisfaction can be monitored in real-time to continually improve the guest journey and support staff with appropriate responses. Through the data insights, hotels gain a greater understanding of what guests think about the services, amenities and facilities. This helps hotels adjust offers and messages to meet and exceed guest expectations, improving hotel reputation and capitalising on brand ambassadors.”

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