Petition urging Government for ‘support and clarity’ for hospitality industry garners over 60,000 signatures after one day


A petition set up calling for the Government to step up ‘support and clarity’ for the hospitality industry has gathered over 60,000 after just one day of going live.

Following the Prime Minister’s statement yesterday advising the public to avoid, bars, restaurants and bars, activist and chef, Alex Claridge of The Wilderness in Birmingham, and his team started a petition urging Boris for clarity and to take responsibility for the situation putting the livelihoods and jobs of 3bn people on the line.

The petition, which he started late in the evening, has already gained at the time of writing 63,000 signatures and mounting with support from celebrity chefs up and down the country such as Angela Hartnett and Jason Atherton.

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As well as the petition, Claridge has set up a fund to help those affected and is collating the heartbreaking stories of those in the sector.

He says: “Boris shunned his responsibility and duty to the 3 billion people who work in the hospitality industry in the UK, the third largest industry in Britain, and instead forced business owners and employers up and down the country to make a decision which should not have been in their hands.

“I couldn’t sit by and watch the hard work my team, my peers and 3 billion other people crumble before my eyes overnight and started a petition to ask for our questions to be answered. The 75 billion contribution the hospitality industry adds to the economy annually must, we argue, afford us at least that.”

The petition asks for a review of

  • A clear support – financial and practical – laid out by the government for both staff and business owners alike.
  • A decision from the government – because if owners take the decision to close any form of insurance is no longer an option.
  • Clarity for guests to ensure their safety.
  • Transparency on timeline so businesses can prepare logistically and rationally for times ahead.

Sign the petition here:

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