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The development of Gilpin Hotel in the Lake District over its 25-year history has involved many periods of change –from volumes, physical appearance and technology to staff and changes to working practices. One thing that has been key to ‘keeping the ship stable’ has been Sarah Redmayne, the hotel’s front of house manager who has been at Gilpin for over 23 years.

Sarah joined the hotel from Blackpool Catering College over two decades ago as a trainee, when Gilpin was an unheard of five-bed hotel owned and run by husband and wife team John and Christine Cunliffe. She has since climbed the ladder with determination to her present position of hotel manager, reportedly to the hotel’s managing director, Barney Cunliffe.

Her loyalty to her employers, the hotel itself and her guests since she first joined has never waived. Upon joining she immediately grasped the principal ethos of Gilpin, getting to know each and every guest so they would return time and time again and as a result mitigating a lot of advertising and promotional costs.

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In an era where staff retention in the Lake District is a key challenge, Sarah radiates team spirit and a sense of pride and fun at working at Gilpin. She’s often had to build bridges over potential troubled waters between kitchen staff and members of the hotel’s front of house team, indentifying problems before they arise. This leads to better personal wellbeing for individuals and a natural, quality product for guests.

Despite her long-history with Gilpin, she isn’t afraid of change and has a natural initiative to facilitate and embrace changes, ensuring their guaranteed success. Now Gilpin Hotel and Lake House has become one of the best hotel’s in Cumbria, consisting of 26 bedrooms and it enjoyed some nationwide television coverage when the BBC filmed Chefs on Trial with Alex Polizzi earlier this year.

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