Ramsay’s Hotel Hell criticised for ‘damaging’ the hospitality profession


A new survey has highlighted the damaging effect that reality TV programmes are having on people’s attitudes to working within the hospitality industry.

According to the research from CV Library, over half of UK workers (53.9%) use reality TV shows to decide whether or not they’d consider a career in a particular industry, with shows such as Ramsay’s Hotel Hell said to be having a detrimental impact on the hospitality professions.

The survey, which questioned over 2,000 workers, found that Hotel Hell came out as the Most Damaging TV Series, with 43.8% voting it into the top spot.

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It was more bad news for Gordon Ramsay, as 31.8% of those questioned said that Kitchen Nightmares was the Most Damaging, placing it in third place just under The Apprentice.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, comments: “Attracting professionals to the hospitality industry is already a struggle in the UK, so discovering that some shows can have a negative impact on recruitment in their sectors is another potential set-back for employers. When considering career options, it’s important that workers use a range of resource to get a healthy picture of the industry they’re considering – reality TV shows alone are not an accurate assessment tool. Equally, employers must combat the negative stigma associated with certain industry-focused TV shows to help candidates see the real profession, not the dramatised version.”

Most Beneficial TV Series Most Damaging TV Series
  1. The Great British Bake-off – 41.3%
  2. Pet Rescue – 40.2%
  3. Traffic Cops – 38.2%
  4. Masterchef – 38.2%
  5. One Born Every Minute – 34.9%
  1. Hotel Hell – 43.8%
  2. The Apprentice – 40.1%
  3. Kitchen Nightmares – 31.8%
  4. Educating Yorkshire/Essex – 22%
  5. Cops with Cameras – 21.1%

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