REOPENING CHECKLIST: The tools you need for success


How can companies supplying the hospitality industry help support you as you prepare for reopening?

Customer trust and reassurance is essential to recovery

2020 has thrown infection control into the spotlight like never before and hotels will find themselves under the microscope more than ever as guests start to return.

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 A new, nationally-representative survey to 2,000 members of the public revealed that almost two thirds (65.1%) of Brits will boycott restaurants, bars, pubs or hotels with a poor reputation for hygiene and infection control, showing just how essential it is to get procedures in place for when doors reopen. Additionally, more than 80% would feel reassured if they saw tangible proof such as an industry accreditation mark denoting infection control excellence, so now more than ever, providing reassurance about your commitment to cleanliness and hygiene – now an absolute necessity – is vital.

By working with a trusted partner, who can advise and recommend the right products, you can assure your guests that booking with you is the right decision.

Reassuring guests that all rooms and communal areas are deep-cleaned using a room disinfection machine (killing harmful bacteria in the air and on surfaces) or that towels and bedding have been washed using OTEX Laundry – proven to remove all traces of Coronavirus – will instantly give them greater confidence in your procedures.

That said, it’s also crucial to maintain that relaxing feel of a hotel stay, demonstrating that you prioritise hygiene without compromising on service quality. Our OTEX Laundry system ensures a high quality disinfection wash (ozone operates using a low temperature which also saves you money on utility bills) resulting in beautiful fluffy towels, skin-soft bathrobes and crisp clean sheets.

Contact: Call JLA today on 0800 591 503 or go to

A greener choice with Sleepeezee

Sleepeezee, one of the UK’s leading mattress and bed manufacturers, continues to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable practices by securing Planet Mark certification for the second year – the only UK bed manufacturer to do so.

As a proud partner of The Eden Project, Planet Mark is a trusted international symbol for businesses and recognises outstanding achievements and actions in organisations helping to stop climate change. 

Having been awarded Carbon Neutral Status in 2017 and achieving pas2060 Carbon Neutral Status, Sleepeezee has offset over 1,388 tonnes of CO2 from 2017 to 2019, with no waste going to landfill since 2012. This sustainable-first thinking shines throughout the whole business. For example, the beds are all handmade in the UK; all materials are from sustainable sources, and all waste recycled by splitting out wood, metals, plastics and fabrics. 

Howard Wilson, joint managing director at Sleepeezee, commented: “Our business is dependent on natural resources to make beds that deliver an excellent night’s sleep. Planet Mark has undoubtedly helped us achieve these milestones by providing an independent, credible reporting system. As a result, sustainability is at the core of everything Sleepeezee does.”

From reducing its carbon footprint to limiting reliance on fossil fuels, Sleepeezee demonstrates its commitment to making a sustainable difference. For a climate-conscious and consistently comfortable night’s sleep, Sleepeezee is the future of British bed manufacturing.


Maximising revenue through your CRM and booking engine

 For any hotel business to recover, it needs revenue, and revenue primarily comes from bookings. Maximise these then, and you’ll maximise your recovery. So how do you do this?

A great place to start is by focusing on a CRM system. We see so many hotels who use multiple disconnected spreadsheets, platforms and systems to manage their guest data, which leads to a disconnected, disjointed booking experience.

 A CRM helps to join all of the dots of guest information to deliver a seamless booking process – with Profitroom’s CRM a prime example of one that delivers a streamlined experience.

 For the hotelier/hotel staff it’s easy to use, with no risk of overbooking or overselling as well as easier upsell opportunities, supplemented by automated follow ups.

 Advanced database segmentation also enables targeted, personalised marketing communications that visually represent your direct channel, helping your brand stand out.

 Furthermore, GDPR compliance means you don’t have to worry about marketing consents as it’s acquired at the point of booking – both via direct channels and through OTAs.

The Profitroom Booking Engine 360 integrates the above CRM capabilities and benefits with its market-leading booking engine, which is designed specifically for hotels and resorts and uses a refined mobile reservation interface. Not only does it facilitate bookings, it also allows you to present offers, vouchers and upsell additional experiences, thereby providing the opportunity to maximise the value of each booking.

Contact: Rachel Parker, Business Development Manager at Profitroom via or by calling 07859 754908.

Assured Hotels

Sales & distribution demand

At last, we have a date – 17th May 2021. While we understand it is still “no earlier than”, and it will be at least full 14 months from the first stay at home message, at least now the hard work can start. Assured Hotels continue to offer independent support and impartial advice, from its unique position unencumbered by its own assets.

Revenue management, sales & marketing refresh

From late March Assured Hotels will be issuing regular market reports and analysis to highlight growing demand and pricing trends, regionally on room sales, plus pricing data on the key supply lines. Market data and wider intel is crucial for making good decisions in normal times, so with great uncertainty ahead the option to lean on regular & relevant 3rd party support will become a necessity if we are to understand how to stay ahead of these shifting conditions.

Sales growth, impact on operational structure

As we emerge most businesses will look very different to the ones we shut in spring 2020. During the past year Assured Hotels have gained valuable experience on options which achieve results in some very problematic scenarios. Even on some cases where values have fallen to the extent that funding levels mean stakeholders are underwater and recapitalisation or a reasonable exit price is not viable. Contact us to discuss the options we have worked through.

Supporting stakeholders – meet with us on a no obligation basis

In direct response to ongoing challenges faced by the hotel & hospitality sector Assured hotels will be offering no obligation meeting time to sector stakeholders. The company will be providing access to its senior team to discuss any challenges. Assured Hotels have made its significant experience and resources available without charge to cover all main disciplines of finance & forecasting, procurement, sales and revenue management, plus funding and government support access.

Contact: email or call 0203 205 7239.

Hoteliers’ Voice podcast explores digital tech

Hoteliers’ Voice, a new podcast series from communications agency Haynes MarComs, has launched with six episodes, each featuring a hotelier discussing their digital plans on the road to recovery.

Aimed at providing the hotel industry with peer-to-peer insight, the 20-minute episodes include hoteliers from boutique, independent and five-star properties. Each explores their digital challenges and opportunities from replacing the PMS, to using intelligence tools, guest apps, and designing RFID bracelets.

Hoteliers’ Voice is part of the wider TravelMarket.Life series, created by agency founder Ryan Haynes – a specialist in hospitality technology and digital marketing. Ryan launched the podcast to support the hotelier community, and encourage knowledge sharing within the UK and around the world.

“There’s so much digital change happening and hotels need the right technologies and channels ready to go when their doors reopen,” said Haynes. “The Hoteliers’ Voice series taps into just some of the experiences hoteliers are encountering during the pandemic, whilst our wider TravelMarket.Life series drills into the technology to help hoteliers improve the efficiency of operations, and maximise sales and revenue.”

More than 38 podcasts are currently available on TravelMarket.Life including #HotelTechClinic – exploring the tools, systems and applications which are changing the future of hotel sales and operations.

Haynes MarComs is a multichannel marketing agency specialising in hospitality, technology and revenue.

Contact:, 01202 98 68 20

Up the ante with your PMS

By delivering digital hospitality that is at one with the PMS, you not only meet popular demand but also stand to streamline operations and generate significant additional revenue. From booking alterations without getting on the phone to upselling late check-outs and having housekeepers operationally aware, everything should happen in real-time, with immediate effect on bookings and folios, without the guest needing to install an app.

Clock PMS+ delivers highly cost effective, syncless functionality to both guests and staff, that would otherwise depend on an overbearing stack of solutions, with all associated disadvantages. It does so using the most dependable cloud platform, while offering all opportunities to connect your favourite addons, through meaningful integrations. New ways to quickly price match direct enquiries against online rates and no need to use a plethora of interfaces. One single sales pilot with full control over all rates and unique restrictions, giving you greater commercial muscle, right from within the system that holds all data anyway.

The paperless PMS+ allows you to achieve a great deal of automation and thereby time savings, from rates being controlled by occupancy or the smartest of algorithms to rule-based handling of payments per type of booking.

Looking for online, touchless check-ins, Mobile housekeeping and POS, MICE management or multi-property operations? Discover the huge difference Clock PMS+ makes today.

Contact: David Barton, Business Development Associate

M | 0779 2258684

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Hotel PR

As the hospitality industry picks itself up, communicating with guests is more vital than ever.

Hotel PR is the industry specialist. For 20 years it has been trusted by hotels in many parts of the UK.

During and after the recovery PR campaigns will be as much about reassuring guests on their safety as they are about explaining your qualities.

Hotel PR’s long proven specialist experience and contacts give clients a competitive advantage with positive publicity in print, online and social media, and developing beneficial third party relationships.

To help the industry recover it has reduced its rates until the pandemic is over.

Hotel PR, The Penthouse, 130 Carrick Quay, Glasgow G1 4LH

Tel. 0141 552 4800

M: 07867 510451

Prepare your hotel for a new era of hospitality with Lightspeed

Hotels must prepare for a new era of hospitality; one with novel challenges to guests safety, where technology quickly goes from nice-to-have to must-have.

With Lightspeed Restaurant ePOS, hoteliers can consolidate their revenue centres under one flexible system. It also integrates with a range of PMS providers.

No matter where a guest orders, the bill can be charged to their room and settled at the end of their stay. This makes for minimal contact at each revenue centre.

In a time when contactless experiences and additional revenue streams are key, adopting technology like Lightspeed ePOS is indispensable. A new era has arrived. Is your hotel ready?

Embrace the new era with Lightspeed.


Phone: +44 203 695 9599   

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