The rise in sustainable tourism: Can you be part of it?

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Long hot showers, HD televisions, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and crisp linen changed daily – all add up to a high energy bill.

But new research highlights a rise in eco-savvy guests, increasingly making hotel choices based on sustainability. 96% of Condé Nast Traveller readers think hotels and resorts should be responsible for protecting the environment they operate in. And they’re willing to pay more for it.

For hotel businesses, the key is finding the balance between boosting your green credentials and saving money, whilst making choices that will still give your guests a luxurious stay.

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Bristol Energy is a national gas and electricity supplier that offers 100% renewable electricity and renewable gas to its business customers, at a price that won’t break the bank. They will also work with business owners to help them save energy and money too.

So how can you make cost savings and find your competitive advantage too?

Look at your energy spend: Check you haven’t rolled onto a default or ‘out of contract’ rate. This could be as much as 60% higher if you’ve come to the end of your negotiated contract. You can secure a new price for your energy up to six months before your fixed contract runs out, so make sure you set a reminder.

Check whether you’re getting renewable energy from your provider, and whether there is a cheaper option.

Make simple changes – choose energy efficient lighting and heating: LEDs are the best option because they use around 90% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb.  They will last a lot longer too.

Occupancy and daylight sensors can be useful in areas like storerooms, offices and back of house.  And remember to encourage a “switch it off” mentality amongst your staff to ensure that lights in unoccupied areas are turned off. Simple stickers above switches can help to emphasise this habit.

Use thermostatic radiator valves, time switches and programmers for your thermostat, to keep the temperature right for your guests and avoid wasted energy. And get regular service and maintenance too.

Invest in energy and technology for the long term: Installing solar panels, or investing in waste heat-recovery systems can have a huge impact.

Generating your own energy, or investing in smart technology to better control your energy use, are both options that could save your energy and money.

TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders and the Green Key programme are just two ways to show your eco credentials. So you can be kinder to the planet and hopefully reap the rewards too.


Bristol Energy can offer help and advice, you can call: 0808 168 3888 or email

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