Sacha Lord’s reopening case to be expedited through the courts after Judge rules against government ‘stalling’


The fight to reopen hospitality in England earlier than May 17 led by Sacha Lord had another ‘win’ yesterday after a judge ruled that the case will be expedited through the courts despite the government arguing against it.

The government and Health Secretary Matt Hancock were given until 10am yesterday to file a response to the case being brought by Greater Manchester’s night time economy advisor Sacha Lord, which is calling for specific evidence to back up the delayed return for the hospitality sector.

Yesterday the government argued against the expedition of the case in which Lord called a ‘poor stalling tactic’. The Judge then ruled against them and confirmed the case will be expedited.

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The next phase will be April 19.

Lord tweeted: “This again proves, as we did with the substantial meal, that the Government cannot make decisions, unless backed up with evidence. Both myself and @hughosmond are delighted with todays decision. All we ever asked for was fairness and facts. Today, is a win for Hospitality.”

Last month, Lord and his team gave the government a deadline to provide evidence as to why the sector isn’t being allowed to open on April 12 alongside non-essential stores, asking for specific advice from scientists ‘whether it is justifiable to prevent the hospitality industry opening whilst, at the same time, allowing non-essential shops to open’.

They argued that ‘transmission is plainly higher in non-essential shops,’ and said they would pursue legal action if the government did not provide data to the contrary.

Lord was joined in his challenge by Hugh Osmond, founder of Punch Taverns and former director of Pizza Express.

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