SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT: Air Reviver Technology has just received Covid 2 certification


It’s been a long road through lock-down to this point. Now, slowly, the world is reopening. Hotels, conference rooms, and other important elements of the hospitality industry are reopening their doors in welcome. Although, they might find that their clientele is a little more anxious than they used to be. And why wouldn’t they be? Many of them have been cooped up in their own homes for the best part of a year. The pandemic has taken a frightening toll on the world, and it still isn’t over.

What is Air-Reviver Technology?

The Air-Reviver technology is a unique system based on patented Bipolar Ionization technology. It generates positive and negative ions, just like those found in nature. When these ions are released, they mix with existing H2O to cause a chemical reaction that neutralises harmful bacteria and viruses.

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This intelligent technology has been tested by renowned laboratories and has scientifically proven to be effective against The Flu, Staphylococcus Aureus, and E-coli and of course Covid. All the Air-Reviver units include a six-layer filtration system that allow the units to clean and disinfect the air, solving a wide range of air pollution issues including NASA approved HEPA filters, UV light and of course the AR module.

• Removes all pollutants

• Traps 99% of particles

• Contains antibacterial agents

• Disinfects using UV lights

• Kills bacteria and viruses by destroying inner DNA Renders the majority of bacteria and viruses dormant

What this means for your hotel

For hotels, Air-Revive offers you a practical and marketable advantage. At a time when everyone is anxious about their safety, you can help guests feel in control of their health. Thus, when you can welcome guests again, they can worry about enjoying their time with you.

These purifiers start from less than £200 per unit. They can be freestanding or even wall hung. They are controlled via a remote control or from touch buttons on the unit, for the more tech savvy there is an app with a host of features and a wealth of data.

There are two models both available in three sizes each that can clear and be used for areas from 20-240 sqm, plus the HVAC model which has the capabilities to clear even larger areas. Certificates can also be provided that can be displayed in rooms and lobbies or public areas to reassure guests even more. Not only that, but leading laboratories have issued Air-Reviver with a Covid-2 certificate confirming that the technology actually eradicates the disease, giving hotel owners outstanding peace of mind.

For more information on Air-Revive, call 0161 792 5552 or visit

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