SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT: Benefit from upsells, direct bookings and greater brand loyalty with GuestTalk

Guest talk

Hoteliers are looking for solutions that can both improve the guest experience, and boost revenue.

Hotels can use messaging as an invaluable marketing channel to send out offers, keep guests up-to-date and improve their stay which in turn boosts revenue.

Here are five ways GuestTalk can boost revenue through its platform.

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Everybody loves a discount, and when you’re trying to promote your in-house services, sending a small discount via text can drive more customers your way. With GuestTalk offers can be automated and targeted to specific guests to drive conversion.

“We have a treat for you, 10% off your meal at the hotel restaurant tonight!”

Encourage direct bookings:

Hotels give commission between 15% to 30% to OTAs depending on their agreement.

With GuestTalk, you can encourage your guests to return with exclusive deals to book direct, saving you money that would otherwise go on commissions.


Good guest feedback generates better online ratings which makes your accommodation more attractive.76% of travellers are willing to pay more for a hotel with a higher rating, and 88% of people trust online reviews, so it is crucial to manage your online reputation effectively. Send guest satisfaction surveys to guests via GuestTalk with intelligent routing.

Saving time and money:

Sometimes the best way to improve revenue is to invest wisely! SMS campaigns are cost effective, and the return on investment much higher, therefore money can be saved focusing marketing efforts on this channel, rather than allocating it to less effective methods.

Your staff can also benefit by automating offers and information to send to guests, so staff can focus attention elsewhere, saving them time that they can now use more effectively.

Improve brand loyalty

By communicating with guests on their preferred channels, you can get to know your guests preferences and tailor their experience. As guests details are securely stored with GuestTalk, getting in touch with information or exclusive offers that you know will benefit them are great ways to exceed guests expectations and boost revenue. 80% of customers make additional purchases when they have a positive experience so building a relationship via messaging is key to generating more revenue from their stay.

Spend a week with GuestTalk and you’ll wonder how you got on without it.

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