SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT: Dreaming of a greener future

Sleepeezee. Planest mark

With concerns over sustainability and the imminent climate crisis regularly featured in the media, many businesses are re-evaluating their impact on the environment and hotels are certainly no exception.

Eco-friendly initiatives are at the forefront of British bed manufacturer, Sleepeezee’s corporate goals. Having been awarded Carbon Neutral Status in 2017 and achieving pas2060 Carbon Neutral Status this year, Sleepeezee is committed to integrating greener strategies across the industry. Ethically sourced materials and forward-thinking manufacturing processes aid in maintaining their sustainability-focused corporate goals, as well as their contributions to environmental projects at both a local and international level. From planting 478 trees in local schools in Kent to supporting fossil fuel reduction schemes in Indonesia and India, and deforestation projects in the Amazon, Sleepeeze aims to make a positive global impact.

Having offset over 1,388 tonnes of CO2 in 2017 to 2019, with no waste going to landfill since 2012, Sleepeezee leads the way when it comes to sustainable practices in the industry. These activities have subsequently been recognised in that Sleepeezee was the first UK mattress manufacturer to receive the Planet Mark accreditation, which is a certification for outstanding achievement by organisations devoted to making sustainable changes in their industry.

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From reducing their carbon footprint to supporting initiatives designed to limit their reliance on fossil fuels, Sleepeezee is demonstrating its commitment to making a sustainable difference. For a climate-conscious and consistently comfortable night’s sleep, Sleepeezee is the future of British bed manufacturing.

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  1. ‘Imminent’ climate crisis? What nonsense. Don’t follow the minority herd, There is zero climate ‘crisis’ and focus instead on the impossibility of recycling beds?

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