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When looking at hotel TV solutions there are numerous considerations including design, screen size, functionality, content, internet and cabling requirements and, of course, budget allowances. A hotel TV is, indisputably, a key focal point in any hotel room and your guests’ interaction with that screen will impact heavily upon their perception of their stay.    

Notably, the in-room screen sizes are ever increasing with brand standards such that even budget hotels are looking to install 40” screens. In order to have a competitive edge, hoteliers are now looking at screens sizes of at least 50”. With the rise of mobile devices, delivering the requisite connectivity is a key focus. There are many options for casting and streaming content but it is important to implement a hotel specific solution so as to ensure that the security of guests’ data is not compromised. Importantly, the in-room TV is also an important means of communication for both branding and informative messaging. In fact, the TV screen represents a fantastic opportunity for high impact promotional content whilst eliminating the need for costly and wasteful in-room stationery.

Crucially for hoteliers, a faulty television can adversely affect room revenue and result in negative guest feedback. Consequently, it is essential have a service provider that you can rely upon to act quickly in such an event.

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Forbes Professional provides TV solutions to hotels across the UK on both a purchase and lease basis. Their end-to-end solutions enable seamless and secure casting, streaming and guest communication. Their clients appreciate the security afforded by their rental packages, as well as the added benefit of avoiding upfront capital expenditure.  Their in-house engineers fully install, commission and integrate all TVs and guest-entertainment packages as well as providing a same/ next day service response.

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