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Polish SaaS provider Profitroom has worked with hotel and apartments owners since 2008, helping to increase profits.

It does this through its technology solutions and marketing optimisation expertise, providing services around the world.

Its products and services include a booking system, website creation, and automated CRM (customer relationship management) software.

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To ring in the New Year and the new decade, Profitroom has consulted hospitality experts in compiling a list of seven important hotel trends for 2020. These trends, it says, will help hoteliers thrive in the coming year and decade.

Profitroom’s list includes:

  1. Social media – Profitroom says that social media will continue to play an increasingly important role in the marketing of all businesses. This is no different for hotels. Hoteliers should advertise their brands on as many platforms as possible to maximise exposure.
  2. Yandex – More than 50% of Russians use the Yandex search engine, according to Profitroom. It says that hotels with a significant Russian customer base should be aware of this.
  3. Experiences – With an increased focus on buying experiences rather than material items, hotels must consider what activities are available in and near their property. If there is a lack of unique outdoor experiences in the area, perhaps a hotelier must view that as a gap in the market to be filled. Such opportunities will make for appealing website and advertisement content too.
  4. Technology – staff numbers and customer service quality are of the utmost importance in the industry right now. Therefore, Profitroom reasons, it is the perfect time to automate processes so that staff are free to help customers with their every need.
  5. Ecological – Predictably, sustainability will continue to grow in importance. According to research, 87% of guests would rather stay in an environmentally friendly hotel. Therefore, both being eco-friendly and advertising this fact are crucial to success.

Go to for the full list. The site is an interactive platform where hoteliers can build their ‘spaceship’ (or hotel) with the latest tips from Profitroom. The company hopes the page is accessible and easy to digest, promising no lengthy reads.

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