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Want help maximising your occupancy? Hotel Perfect has partnered with a new channel called Mail Breaks, run by one of the largest independent travel sites in the UK. Mail Breaks specialises in selling rooms outside of the traditional peak season, often focusing on mid-week breaks and helping you to fill your rooms during those tough shoulder nights/months.

Having access to enough quality channels to complement your direct bookings is on every hotelier’s agenda, but high commission rates certainly are not. Mail Breaks works on a low-commission model, so you pay just 10% commission per booking, leaving you much greater flexibility in your pricing structure.

At Hotel Perfect the deal has been sweetened for you even more by securing 30 days of commission free bookings to get you started. Within the 30-day period, you literally pay nothing for every booking, and only 10% per booking thereafter.

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Occupancy peaks and troughs are hard to avoid as both business and leisure guests tend to have their staple nights and seasons in which they want or need to stay away from home, no matter how perfect a stay your property can offer them.

But there are demographics of guests with much greater flexibility who you can attract to stay with you during your off-peak times. Mail Breaks is great at capturing these potential guests and all you need to do is be on the channel for them to see your lovely property.

Signing up with Mail Breaks ensures that your rooms have coverage over a blend of mediums including: online, email, social media and newspapers. All your bookings are still routed through the Hotel Perfect channel manager so they drop straight in to your Hotel Perfect PMS. Drop the team an e-mail at or give them a call on 0843 309 1601 to find out more!

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