SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT: Natural Spa Factory launches new seasonal scrub collection


Natural Spa Factory has announced the addition of two new scrubs to its botanically-sourced scrub collection, inspired by autumn and winter.

For autumn, spa partners and customers will be able to experience a superfood skin concoction in the Salt Of The Earth salt and oil scrub, which features 100% natural and botanical ingredients, including turmeric, fennel seeds, fennel seed oil, carrot oil and natural British sea salt.

Made in the UK, the scrub is the brainchild of the ‘sensibly natural’ product house, strong advocates of promoting awareness within the consumer when it comes to using sustainably sourced ingredients that are good for the skin.

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For winter, the Bath-based product house has created The Immaculate Complexion which promises to deliver ‘a sacrosanct union of blackened charcoal and crisp winter berries’ – and encapsulates the Natural Spa Factory belief that gender neutral skincare is a strong theme of the future.

A blend of natural oils, British sea salt and charcoal coalesce to deliver a scrub that promised to detox and soothe all skin types.

Both scrubs will be available to partner spas around the UK and internationally to be used in seasonal-inspired treatments, and will also be available in 250g pouches for the consumer, rrp: £20.

Emma Webber, co-founder of Natural Spa Factory explains: “One thing that our partner spas have always relied upon us for is incredible smelling, quality ingredients, and our wide and varied selection of salt scrubs, buffs and polishes are at the heart of what we do. Our partner spas love us for our flexibility and seasonality, and our consumers are passionate about innovative and exciting development – something we’ve married in the creation of our new seasonal scrubs.”

Natural Spa Factory is an independently owned and operated product house based in Bath, creating natural, Free From, botanical and sustainable products, inspired by the rural surroundings and food loved by the founders.

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