SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT: New charging kiosks promise to boost profits in public areas

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The new Havana Blue kiosks are looking to shake up the boutique hotel sector, promising to boost profits with a new solution to charging devices.

The new kiosks offer guests the freedom to charge their devices in the restaurant, bar and public space of your property, helping to up spend and encourage more interaction.

RFID contactless swipe cards can be paired with room cards to operate the kiosks, which can be accessed free of charge in exchange for social media details.

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Havana Blue is a new concept for the hospitality industry, and not only do they add value to the guest experience, but the integrated 4k advertising screens can be used to promote everything on offer at your hotel.

The screens, which can be served remotely via the cloud and Wifi, can show animated menus to entice people to your restaurant or bar, or advertise special deals or promotions.

They can also ping out notifications to all mobile phones connected to the kiosk through Wifi or Bluetooth using near field communications advertising, drawing attention to special events at certain times throughout the day.

Havana Blue can also be utilised in the conference and events segment, and will be a major upsell for corporate bookings, helping to eliminate the worry of a battery-dead phone during an event.

Research tells us that customers spend a 1.5 hours twice per day charging their devices, and while many hoteliers offer up free plug-points in the bar/lounge areas, the vast majority of guests will still remain in their rooms.

The new Havana Blue concept solves this problem by offering its free charging service to guests and giving substantial profit gains to hoteliers as patrons spend the majority of their time within the social areas.

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