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Hotels must prepare themselves for a new era of hospitality; one with novel challenges to guest and staff safety; where hospitality businesses must access new revenue streams to remain operational and where technology quickly goes from nice-to-have to must-have.

Adaptability is now a key factor of success in a world turned on its head. Nowhere is this truer than in the hotel industry, where properties must now grapple with new rules and guest expectations.

Hotels are unique among hospitality businesses in that they often house multiple revenue centres under one roof. For example, one property may have a hotel restaurant along with a poolside bar and a breakfast cafe.

The obvious benefit of this is more choice and greater diversity of hotel experience. If these revenue centres aren’t connected, however, it can lead to inefficiencies and blockers to guest satisfaction. Moreover, in light of recent events, increased contact time at each revenue centre may pose a risk to guests.

With Lightspeed Restaurant ePOS, hoteliers can consolidate their revenue centres under one flexible, easy-to-use system. It also integrates with a range of PMS providers, such as MEWS and Oracle.

This means that whether a guest makes a purchase at your restaurant, bar or cafe—the bill can be charged to a guests room and settled in one at the end of their stay. This saves time for both guests and staff, and makes for minimal contact at each revenue centre.

Lightspeed Restaurant ePOS can also be enhanced with a range of useful add-ons like Delivery and eCom for Restaurant, which create opportunities to access new revenue streams during times of low occupancy.

In a time when contactless experiences and additional revenue streams are key to hotel’s survival, adopting technology like Lightspeed ePOS is indispensable. A new era has arrived. Is your hotel ready?

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