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Versapak are the market leaders of manufacturing tamper evident products, providing cost saving solutions to the hospitality industry for over four decades. We hear how the company can help you.

Versapak’s range of products provide solutions to store keys, cash, sensitive documents and more, used in cash offices, lost property, restaurants and bars.

Our products, when paired with a patented T2 Security Seal, become the ultimate tamper evident solution. Our unique security seal has two secure locking legs with a larger surface space for number, barcode and QR code laser printing, making the seal easy to handle. They’re made from 100% recycled and remoulded plastic, and we even offer a service to recycle your seals for you!

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Our products give businesses a cost-effective solution to using single use polythene envelopes if you replace with our reusable equivalents. You are not only improving your carbon footprint, but you could actually save money.  Versapaks can be used over 2,000 times thanks to being made from hard-wearing, durable material.  A recent testimonial from a customer, showed they were able to make a 35% cost saving and a 100% environmental saving when switching to Versapak. Our products are guaranteed to last a minimum of five years, if they become damaged within the first five years, we will repair them free of charge.

Unlike traditional lock and key security which can easily be picked and resealed, Versapak security seals show evidence of tampering and act as a deterrent against unauthorised access, giving you the confidence that there have been no malicious attempts to compromise the contents of your Versapak.


Versapak International Ltd

4 Veridion Way, Erith, Kent DA18 4AL. United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)208 333 53 00



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