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From the outset, disinfecting surfaces was the cornerstone of safety measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus. But after a year of study into the virus, researchers say that COVID-19 is most easily spread through virus particles in the air.

Experts report that the focus of public health and safety measures should move away from surface disinfecting and shift to improving indoor air quality.

Indeed, data recently released by SAGE notes a higher risk of transmission in spaces where people are ‘close, prolonged, indoors, face-to-face-to-face, in poorly ventilated and/or crowded spaces’.

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As UK hotels look forward to opening their doors in the coming weeks, consumers are eagerly planning their next trips. According to recent research by Tripadvisor, 65% of consumers are thinking about future travel plans.

Yet success will hinge on more than re-opening hotel doors. In the same Tripadvisor survey, 66% of global consumers across six markets said they consider safety and cleanliness measures essential in the establishments they will plan to visit; 63% say they are now more likely to consider health and safety measures when booking than before COVID-19.

Exciting technology from ScentAir is making it easy for hoteliers to address traveler health concerns. Their active air purification fights the spread of Coronavirus where the experts say the battle should be fought—in the air!

As confirmed by extensive independent laboratory tests, the patented NPBITM technology eliminates 99.8% of SARS-COV-2 and hundreds of other airborne pathogens. Not only does the technology neutralize viruses, but it also improves air quality by cleaning the air of pollutants like bacteria, mold, smoke, dust and pollen without creating ozone.

Before the pandemic, major airports were already using the technology to improve indoor air quality by removing particles and impurities in the air from smoke and jet fuel.

ScentAir ION Protect purifiers are unlike other air purifiers. Many purifiers are only effective when harmful particles run through them. ScentAir ION Protect purifiers safely release ions into the air to seek out pollutants.

Ions are charged molecules or atoms that act as natural air purifiers. They are formed in nature from rushing water, crashing waves and even sunlight—and they are constantly working to clean the air.

Ions released with ScentAir ION Protect enter the environment through the existing ventilation systems to bond with particles suspended in the air, such as dust, smoke or pollen. This creates a snowball effect, as negative ions released cluster with positive ion particles in the air.

Ions inactivate pathogens, particles and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) until the ion clusters are permanently removed by the HVAC system.

Preparing to meet safety demands and consumer concerns, ScentAir teams are working with hotels across Britain and Europe in advance of the re-opening of the hospitality industry. The investment in effective safety measures based on the growing understanding of the virus is an important move in bringing consumers closer to the travel experiences they remember.

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