SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT: The digital era of the guest experience


Introducing GuestTalk, the communications service for the hospitality sector that is set to change the hotel industry and improve the guest experience.

The hotel industry is witnessing technology trends that are revolutionising the guest experience from self-service kiosks to virtual reality headsets, but what other technologies can improve guest satisfaction and improve their experience at your hotel? The answer is simpler than you might think.

Around 66% of consumers who switched brands did so because they were disappointed with customer service, and so engaging customers throughout your service delivery is vital to build rapport and acquire vital feedback. One available approach used in other consumer sectors is to better leverage modern methods of communication such as mobile and social media.

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Mobile technology has made us connected at all times, and we now communicate digitally every day, from how we talk to our friends to how we order food. GuestTalk is a service that reflects that we live in a digital era and makes it simple for the hotelier to use mobile and digital to maximise customer service. GuestTalk connects hoteliers directly with their guests so that hotels can maximise engagement and provide a better guest experience.

Guests can message the hotel through SMS, email or social media during their stay which can be viewed, answered or forwarded by staff using GuestTalk’s universal inbox. This technology unlocks benefits for hotels and their guests as guests can make requests more easily using their preferred digital channel, and it removes the physical queues at the reception desk and the switchboard queues to speak to reception. Hotel staff can move around the hotel and be more productive while still being available to guests to provide a more responsive customer experience.

Conversations via digital messaging are quicker, fully auditable, and more convenient. Some communications (such as “what’s the Wi-Fi key”) can be fully automated, saving staff time and being available to guests 24/7. Modern travellers use mobiles to pass check-in gates at airports, pay for purchases, buy and check flights and trains, and are the most important and regularly used possession of every traveller. It is natural that guests should expect hoteliers to embrace mobile technology as well, but the sector has been slow to meet the challenge. Hoteliers who show they are open to the modern customers’ demands and are willing to innovate in customer service will look forward to their TripAdvisor reviews with confidence. Digital technology can not only drive up occupancy rates but allows hoteliers to cope with increased occupancy without increasing staff.

Convenience is an essential factor for guests, GuestTalk are always seeking to make the guests journey more convenient. The modern consumer increasingly prefers self-service, and if a guest can get what they want without waiting then research shows 73% of consumers choose self-service over speaking to a member of staff. GuestTalk lets guests acquire information direct from a mobile phone with automatic SMS responses called ‘Quick Replies’.

Common information guests often request such as Wi-Fi keys and breakfast times no longer tie up staff, and are available instantly to guests 24/7. Using the Quick Actions feature, staff can broadcast information to select or all guests instantly through their mobiles whether it’s the start of happy hour at the bar or a fire alarm drill. Quick Actions not only saves staff time but keeps all your guests in-the-know and maximises your ability to market to them.

The simple power of engagement can bring big opportunities for the hospitality sector as business leaders worldwide acknowledge that customer care has a dramatic effect on customer loyalty and revenue.

When the guest experience is enhanced the hotel benefits significantly, with an increase in stellar reviews to compliment your reputation which leads to an increase in brand awareness. Advancing the way you communicate with your guests is the key ingredient to success within the competitive hotel industry.

Virtual Reception

Staff can respond to guests even when away from reception

Time Saving

Automate standard guest messages to save time

Simple and Intuitive

Designed to be instantly usable and integratated with your PMS

Customer Service

Enhance your customer service with SMS, email and social media

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