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A 2018 Hospitality Technology Report highlighted that as many as 73% of guests under the age of 35 would not return to a hotel with poor Wi-Fi.

Conversely, guests who were happy with the Wi-Fi spent 50% more money at the hotel than average.

This new focus on enhanced customer experience is something that Smart Homeworks – a new technology company – is helping UK businesses to tackle.

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Poor internet connection can therefore not only have a direct impact on repeat custom, but also recommendations and customer reviews; with TripAdvisor ratings now regarded as a more compelling driver for guest decision making than the traditional Michelin system.

Customer expectations and habits have changed dramatically over the last few years, as consumers now look to connect to the internet to stream their favourite movies and programmes, share their holiday photos, or search for things to do in the local area.

The high-speed connectivity that Smart Homeworks delivers, allows for customers to experience ease and comfort wherever they may be. Hotels want to create ‘a home away from home’ feel for their customers and with just the click of the button, Smart Homeworks can help to achieve that. Set the perfect mood with adjustable lighting, make a room the perfect temperature, or even turn the music on while getting ready. Smart Homeworks allows all of this at one touch.

Commercial director Richard Smiles says: “To help answer customer demands around connectivity and integration, the hospitality sector is placing an ever-increasing emphasis on the technology they use to optimise their spaces. In the past, these were defined by design, decor and furnishings. Today fast connectivity, automation and intelligence are just as important. The industry has been crying out for IT focused technology partners who are adept at seamless integration of intelligent services, taking the complexity away and delivering genuine customer benefits, effortlessly and reliably. This is exactly what Smart Homeworks is all about.”

Smart Homeworks offers bespoke packages designed to make customers feel more comfortable, feel pampered and ultimately make them feel more at home. Services offered include:

  • high-performance and highly secure internet access
  • high-performance wireless throughout
  • a built in virtual assistant
  • Smart displays, cinemas, multi-room audio and video controlled by a single user interface
  • climate control – heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC)
  • ceiling and wall mounted speakers to provide an invisible, decluttered media source
  • Smart ambient lighting
  • voice control

Smart Homeworks distinguishes itself from other technology companies through its personalised customer approach, high standard of custom installation, strong security focus and a combined 40 years’ experience across hospitality and residential and commercial environments. Next level device security is employed by the company so that its clients can rest assured knowing that their digital assets and core services are protected within a robust network. They also bring the very best in AV and entertainment to the UK, delivering market-leading technology solutions through their team of specialist installers and technology enthusiasts.

To book a consultation please call 01202 309503. Or visit the Smart HomeWorks website:

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