Technology rules at the jewel of French Alps in Val Thorens


In addition to its stunning geographical and architecturally unique features and its stylish interior design, the 5 star Koh-I-Nor Hotel (Mountain of Light in Persian) at Val Thorens in the French Alps also stands out for its innovative use of technology.

The 5 star Koh-I-Nor Hotel is located 2400 metres up at the top of the ski station at Val Thorens offering a unique view of Val Thorens and its landscape.

The hotel offers 63 guestrooms, 35 flats, two restaurants, two conference rooms, two swimming pools and a Valmont Spa. The décor is by Patriarche & Co, featuring a mix of indulgent fabrics and colours to provide a warm and cosy atmosphere.

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However, the owner wanted to offer an even more unique experience to guests, which has led him to integrate Crestron technology solutions in the guestrooms, meeting rooms and common areas.

“The Crestron solutions installed by Modul Me (a group of companies that specialize in automation systems) ensure an efficient and reliable customer experience.

“The user interfaces are dynamic, simple and easy to use both for the customers and the staff.

“The commitment and direction of the hotel, accompanied by the investment of Crestron and Real companies enabled us to lead this project successfully,” says Loic Arribert, Director at Avenirelec73.

When the guests enter their room, the Crestron CH-LMD1 detectors installed in the corridor trigger different lighting scene settings are provided according to the natural light and the time of day.

In the guestrooms, the customer can control the lighting via Crestron C2NI-CB engraved keypads. Pre-programmed lighting scenarios provide an easy use for the guest.

For instance, during the evening, an occupancy scenario is set up so that the guest has the perfect lighting scene in their room, such as the desk-side dimmers =, LED headband and the coffee area all lit to 100%.

At night, a scenario has been enabled so that the customer can walk in the room without disturbing the other occupants. Enabling the desk-side and bathroom LEDs to be slighty lit.

In order to add some comfort, the keypads are engraved with two buttons; “Do Not Disturb / Make up Room”. Feedback is given through the keypads installed in the corridors.

To increase energy savings, some motions detectors have been installed in the bathrooms, the guestroom and the corridor. According to whether the room is occupied or not, appropriate lighting scenes settings are launched.

General supervision of the hotel has been developed on PCs and tablets so that the staff can pilot and control all the devices.

In the common areas, Crestron solutions control the audio/video distribution and the lighting settings. In the spa, every room is equipped with a C2NI-CB keypad to select and change music sources. The Crestron Sarros speakers installed in these spaces offer a high quality performance.

The Koh-I Nor has two meeting rooms that can be adapted for different configurations and dimensions. In this area, a DMPS-300 controls the audio/video distribution and the lighting settings.

The staff manage the environment and resources available to them through iPads.

“This installation is a perfect example of a technological evolution, which is a growing trend in the luxury hotel business.

"Crestron solutions have been chosen because they are intuitive and easy to use, both for the staff and the customers who want to enjoy a convenient and unique experience,” says Christophe Malsot, Hospitality Manager at Crestron.



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