Tetley fuses favourite tea blends to create mood


Whether customers seek a sense of ‘Calm’, an element of ‘Serenity’, a feeling of ‘Warmth’ or just a ‘Pick Me Up’ at the end of a long day, Mood Infusions will enhance the experience of tea drinking that customers expect out of home, says Tetley.

Hoteliers will be able to offer guests Tetley Calm which adds a squeeze of lemon and a dash of liquorice to the brand’s Camomile blend while Tetley Warmth mingles orange blossom, peel and spices including cinnamon, star anise, cardamom and cloves with Redbush. Tetley Serenity has a Lemon Balm and Honey base with the inclusion of red clover, elderflower and sarsaparilla root. This bend is said to be perfect when customers are feeling under the weather.

If that doens’t work perhpas Tetley Pick Me Up will do the trick. This infusion adds a splash of colour and features the falvours of flavours of strawberries, cherries, raspberries and apples,as well as hibiscus and poppy flowers.

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Dorothy Sieber, Tetley Marketing Director OOH EMEA says: “By mixing some of our most popular blends with quirky, on-trend flavours, the Tetley expert tea blenders have created an out of home range with a difference.

“Inclusion of unusual ingredients such as sarsaparilla root, red clover and star anise means the Mood Infusions range really does have something new to offer – and it’s sure to get customers talking.”

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