The best bathroom styles for boutique hotels

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From stylish hotel bathrooms to luxury fittings, there are plenty of ways to create indulgent bathroom spaces in boutique hotels.

Wondering what are boutique hotels and the difference between them and standard ones? There are some key differences in the bathroom look and style which we will explain here.

Your Standard Hotel Bathroom

Your standard hotel bathroom will probably feature a marble or granite worktop where a large sink and big mirror sits. The lights can usually be dimmed and there’s normally a pretty powerful extractor to prevent the room from getting misty or stuffy after the guests have sprayed their perfume and deodorant for the night.

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To sum it up, the standard hotel bathroom reflects the needs of the everyday guest and provides a basic level of comfort.

Your Luxury Hotel Bathroom

Luxury Hotel Bathrooms have some similarities to your standard hotel bathrooms. They tend to be rather minimalistic, usually have a marble or granite worktop and they too have a powerful extractor fan.

However, the expectations guest have when paying for a luxury or boutique hotel is significantly higher. Guests who pay for a luxury or boutique hotel will expect nothing else than a bathroom that offers a mini-spa like an experience.

This is often accomplished by following a few of the following design rules: 

Consider The Shower

Some guests will go for 1 to 2 showers a day. That is a lot of time in the shower and I can assure you your guest will appreciate a shower that gives out good water pressure. This can be achieved by installing a great shower head that increases the pressure.

Guests are also very environmentally conscious these days and would appreciate a hotel that considers their impact on the environment. You can buy shower heads that both increase pressure and saves water too.

You could look for cost-effective suites to make huge savings. Places like Bella Bathrooms will be very cost-effective. 

Get Rid Of Clutter

One thing that makes spas so relaxing is the complete absence of clutter. Therefore stick with the minimalistic decor for your luxury hotel bathrooms.

You should also ensure there is sufficient storage space. Think about it, a guest could have anything from a toothbrush and a bottle of deodorant to having enough hair / facial products to run their own beauty salon.  

Add some quirkiness

Guests love taking photographs and sharing their experience with their friends online. Let’s take a look at Citizen M, it is very popular in the UK.

The bathrooms in Citizen M have a pretty funky shower enclosure that lights up. The entire room lights up actually. You have the ability to change the color of the whole room all from an iPad that you’re given when entering the room. You can even control the TV, blinds and air conditioning from the iPad too.

The shower enclosure is made of frosted glass. Inside you’ll find it has both a waterfall shower head and a normal one.

There are many reasons people enjoy the experience Citizen M offers but to reign it back a little, the quirkiness of the room is appreciated by the guests.

When it comes to your own boutique bathroom design you could add a mural, embrace pattern or perhaps go for a metro styled wall?

Keep It Clean

Hotel bathroom tiles need to be clean, polished and ooze cleanliness.

Brass Bathroom fixtures and finishes give a rustic feel.

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