The Epicurean Club acquires David Hancock’s Inn Places to create ‘largest booking platform’ for premium inns


David Hancock’s Inn Places has been acquired by The Epicurean Club, with a vision to be the largest collection of premium inns and pubs on one direct marketing and booking platform.

Hancock has taken on the role of ‘Inn Curator’ for the Club and will be looking to increase the Club’s Collection significantly over the coming six months.

The Epicurean Club was founded by Cirrus Inns chief executive Alexander Langlands Pearse and includes more than 20 inns across the country.

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The re-launched Epicurean Collection will showcase the best inns and pubs across Britain, comprising iconic countryside destinations, along with curated Experiences to add value for the guest and financial return for the property.

Since inception in December 2017, through targeted marketing campaigns the Club has driven higher-value footfall across the Collection’s inns and pubs with its ‘Friends’ spending significantly more, up to 23%, than regular guests.

COO of The Epicurean Club, Ed Hill commented: “The British staycation industry is increasing year on year and we want to be at the heart of this growth. Outstanding pubs and inns looking to increase their reach and stand alongside others within our community belong in our Collection.”

David Hancock commented: “Joining forces with The Epicurean Club is a natural and pragmatic move as they were looking to expand their Collection of inns and pubs and they have great marketing clout.

The Epicurean Collection is an invitation-only platform with inns and pubs, carefully curated by Hancock, who has over 30 years’ worth of experience in the industry, alongside the Epicurean team.

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