Top 20 most unusual guest complaints


It turns out the customer may not always be right. We caught up with our sister publication, Hotelier Middle East to compile this list of the strangest hotel complaints made to confused and baffled hoteliers around the world.

1. Bed sheets are too white

2. Sea is too blue

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3. There’s cheese on the cheese platter (guest asked to have it removed after ordering the cheese platter)

4. Ice cream is too cold

5. Locks hadn’t been changed on conference room doors, which raised the risk of alien invasion

6. Bath is too big

7. Girlfriend’s snoring kept guest awake

8. People in the hotel’s non-English-speaking location “refuse to speak English”

9. Guest’s dog didn’t enjoy his stay

10. London hotel had no ocean view

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11. No steak on vegetarian menu

12. Waiter was too handsome

13. Mother of Groom wasn’t given the honeymoon suite

14. Waves were too loud in sea-view room

15. Guest thought she was unable to leave her room because she misunderstood the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign hanging from the room’s doorknob.

16. Mistaking gravy for soup and complaining that the soup was too thick.

17. Not enough kangaroos hopping around the city in Sydney.

18. Bed is too high – guest asked for the legs to be cut off by 12 inches (30.5 cm)

19. Too many fish in the local sea startled the traveller’s children.

20. And one very cheeky guest actually blamed a hotel for her subsequent pregnancy!

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