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Ahead of their panel session at the Independent Hotel Show in October, Adam Rowledge from Georgian House Hotel and Sarah Powell from Soho House share their top tips on how hospitality needs to work together to attract more talent to opt for the hotel industry as a career.

  1. Know your brand – if you don’t know who you are as a company, how do you know who will be the right fit?
  2. Think outside of the box – branching out and trying new recruitment channels – social media, charities, colleges don’t just stick to one method
  3. What’s in it for them? Benefits and the whole interview process could be the difference between hiring and losing the candidate
  4. Think about attracting talent in the same way as attracting guests/customers. You wouldn’t spend thousands of pounds on an advertising campaign to attract customers if you knew you had a terrible product so why do the same to attract talent if you provide a poor employee experience?
  5. Be creative with where you’re looking for potential team members, there are now so many different job boards, apps, social platforms, interest groups (thinking things people do socially but have already used the word social).
  6. Don’t be lazy, you have got to invest time and resource into what you’re doing both for your business and the wider industry in terms of making it a more attractive proposition. 

New approach to recruitment

The methods for attracting talent has changed in the last five years. 

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For Sarah the change has been being more open-minded to transferable skills and the person rather than the fixed skills and experience they have. 

Adam agrees adding, “Hospitality is not rocket science and I believe that 99% of the population could succeed in at least one job function and sector of the industry. Most skills from other industries area easily transferable to the hospitality sector.  One of the best learning experiences that I’ve benefited from is taking inspiration and modelling from best practice in other industries and I think we still need to look more at this to understand why we don’t do revenue management as well as airlines or use customer data as well as retail. At Georgian House for example we have seen significant improvements through the use of Lean/Six Sigma which is traditionally associated most with manufacturing.

The ‘Hospitality’s Got Talent’ session in the Business Theatre on Wednesday 17 October at 12.30pm at the Independent Hotel Show 2018.

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