TOP TIPS: 5 benefits of hiring a diverse workforce


Hiring a diverse workforce can give you the edge in a notoriously tight and competitive sector. So, what exactly are the benefits of doing so? Joseph Woodland, CEO and founder at WorkIt explains some of the facts as well providing an insight based on his own personal experiences.

  1. Increased Productivity

While having two chefs working on a section from a similar background can look very productive on the surface, more often than not it results in unhelpful relationships. Throughout my time as a chef, I have seen that matching workers from different backgrounds can lead to more effective, work-focused relationships.

2. Improved Creativity

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Having a team with a range of different life experiences can breed something truly exciting. This generates a particular advantage over your competition if you work in the events, hotel or corporate hospitality sector – where ideas and world themes are something that come up time and time again. Different insights and experiences will give you a serious and tangible advantage over the competition.

3. Reduced Employee Turnover

There is nothing worse than training someone up to a point where you are happy to leave them on their own with increased responsibility, but they quit soon after and you have to start all over again. If you have a diverse and inclusive workplace with people from all backgrounds, then your team will feel more relaxed and included, and in turn much less likely to leave.

4. Improved Hiring Results

In an industry that has a very diverse pool of talent to pick from, everyone is fighting over the most talented people to gain that competitive edge. If those people are actively seeing diversity in your workplace, you will be best placed to attract them into your workforce.

5. Increased Profits

If you have the best workforce available, alongside being as productive and creative as possible while staying together – this will enable you to continuously increase the profitability of your business.

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